Quiz: What Kind of Service Uniform Would Your Man Look Best In?
What Kind of Service Uniform Would Your Man Look Best In?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

It happens to every woman and some men. When we imagine our guys, either through our vivid dreams or when we're just lost in thought, we often picture them in outfits (or lack thereof) that turn us on and get us all hot and bothered. And for many of us, those outfits are service uniforms. 

But there are just so many options to choose from that it could be downright dizzying just picking one. So we, being the helpful people that we are, want to help you figure out which one your man would look his best in. 

Should he don a police officer's uniform so he could cuff you from behind? Should he put on a fireman's outfit so you could slide down his pole? What about an EMT's outfit so he can restart your heart after a long lazy lovemaking session? Or should he be a military man who also happens to be your commanding officer? 

If you're ready to find out what your man should wear, just for you to take it off, go ahead and start this quiz. Will you burst into flames by the end or will you be dropping down and giving him fifty? It's time for you to find out! 

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