What Kind of Shark Are You?

Teresa M.

What kind of seafood do you like most?

Are you a good swimmer?

Which ocean do you think sounds most interesting?

Which sea creature do you think is scariest?

What job would you have on a cruise ship?

Which shark movie do you like most?

Which country do you think has the best beaches?

What would you be found doing on a yacht?

What is your favorite part of the zoo?

Which fish do you enjoy eating most?

What would you name a pet shark?

Which "Finding Nemo" character do you like most?

What fish do you think is most beautiful?

Would you wear a shark's tooth necklace?

Which beach would you most like to visit?

Which word sums up your sense of adventure?

Finish this sentence: Throw them to the ______________!

Pick a word that describes your best friend:

What level of fisherman are you?

What kind of fishing would you like to try?

Do you have good animal instincts?

Who is your favorite "Sharknado" actor?

Are you afraid of sharks?

What flavor gummy shark do you like most?

Which word for a group of animals do you like most?

Have you seen a lot of shark movies?

Which actress would you like to see in a shark movie?

What is your favorite part of a crab boil?

What is your favorite thing to do at the beach?

How big was the one that got away?

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About This Quiz

Sharks are one of the miracles of nature. They've been around longer than almost any other group of species on the planet, with evolutionary roots stretching back many tens or even hundreds of millions of years. They have a variety of extraordinary characteristics, like the fact that they are always growing more teeth and then shedding the old ones. They have incredible noses, being able to smell blood from a mile away. They also can't go backwards - or at least, they don't (a good lesson for all of us, really).

People tend to think of sharks as being like supervillains, always looking to create mischief. But the fact is that we're much deadlier to sharks than the other way around, and as an apex predator, sharks do a very important job in keeping the circle of life... well, circling. So we should certainly respect them, and one way to do that is to remember that we're not unlike one another.

Just like any large group, sharks are different to each other. Some are ferocious and will attack at the drop of a hat. Others are introverts who keep to themselves. Some can out-swim just about anything else in the sea while others tend to prefer a shorter sprint. Some of them like to hang out in large schools where they attack together and protect one another, while others are more solitary. That means whatever your nature, there's a shark species out there who has a great deal in common with you. Let's find out who they are!

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