Quiz: What Do You Know About These Cars From the 1970s?
What Do You Know About These Cars From the 1970s?
By: Maria Trimarchi
Image: Shutterstock

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In the early '70s, the Cold War was raging. The Space Race was heated and Elvis Presley was performing in Hawaii.

And, Dodge, Plymouth and other American automakers charged ahead with their luxury and muscle car production.

From the Gremlin to the Cadillac, cars of the '70s came in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with two noticeable sizes: the biggest cars ever made, and the smallest sub-compacts that became known as "econoboxes." The disparity was with reason. Here's what was going on.

Automakers assumed that gas prices would always be cheap, and because of it, they made cars with low gas mileage. But it would be the sanctions placed on the U.S. in October 1973 that would trigger the biggest automotive changes of the decade.

Just days after the Yom Kippur War began in the Middle East, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) placed an oil embargo on the U.S. -- specifically because of American support of Israel in the war. There were shortages, thefts and price spikes to contend with when the OPEC embargo sent gasoline prices skyrocketing across the country -- increasing by 37 percent after sanctions were in place.

This oil embargo would go on to separate the gas guzzlers from the gas sippers, the eight miles per gallon Ford wagon from a 21 miles per gallon Ford Pinto.

From the Dodge Challenger to the Honda Civic, see how much you know about these popular cars of the decade that gave us the Pet Rock, the Trans-Am and lines at the gas station.

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