What % Llama Are You?

By: Brian Whitney

How into Minecraft are you?

What do you think of alpacas?

What are you going to have for dinner tonight?

Do you like camels?

What do you think of South America?

Do you like carrying things?

Are you tall?

How much weight can you lift?

Do you have cute ears?

Are you stubborn?

Do people compliment you on your eyes?

Have you ever been to Peru?

How soft are you?

Have you ever hung out with a Vicuna?

How long can you stand out in the rain?

What is the farthest you have ever walked?

Are you smart?

Do you learn things quickly?

How often do you eat meat?

How many compartments does your stomach have?

Does your poop smell bad?

What color are you?

Do you like hanging out with other llamas?

Are you good at spitting?

How do you do with the opposite sex?

Do you like to knit?

Do you like chilling out in the sun?

What race would you be best at?

How cute are you?

Do you like Guanacos?

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Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Is there anything in the world that is cooler than a llama? Pretty much nothing that we can think of. In fact, llamas are so cool that a lot of people go around saying just exactly how much like a llama that they are. You might be hanging out at some hipster bar or in the breakroom at work and all of a sudden you hear someone say. "Well, I would have handled it that way, but then again, I am an awful lot like a llama."

Well, for all of you who like to say that you're a lot like a llama, or even for those of you who might be a lot like a llama and not have any idea, we have devised a quiz. Sure you might say you can carry things for long distances, that you like to hang out with vicunas on the weekend, and that your stomach has three compartments, but how do we know that it's true? You might just be an alpaca trying to act cool for all we know. Take this quiz, and we will let you know what percent llama you are. And answer honestly, if you aren't an adorable pack animal, we will be able to tell. 

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