Quiz: What ls Your Japanese Name?
What ls Your Japanese Name?
By: Steven Miller
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

You feel drawn to Japanese culture, from the architecture of the zen temples to the modern efficiencies of the big city life of Tokyo. The song,"I think I'm turning Japanese" resonates with you on some level, and you've sometimes wondered if you were truly meant to be born there. You're likely really into manga, and there's a good chance that you prefer the taste of sake over that of beer. Fish and rice make up the bulk of your diet, and you have to admit that you get a kick out of miniature versions of things.

We're guessing that you've either been to Japan or that you've very much wanted to visit at some point or another. You're drawn to the cherry blossoms in the spring and the iconic image of Mt. Fuji on the horizon. The bullet trains and the massive pedestrian crossing outside Shibuya station are fascinating to you, as are the bright lights and unusual attractions in the downtown districts.

For someone like you who has such a deep and inexplicable connection to this island nation and its people, you might have wondered what you're true Japanese name would be. Following an all-night discussion with a bartender who owns a place about the size of a closet, we have put together a thorough assessment of the kinds of character traits that are connected to certain Japanese names.

Pull up a chair. The bartender will put on quite a show in pouring your drink, but tips aren't a part of the culture. Just be sure to say "arigato" and show appreciation for the artistry and effort.

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