What Makes You Different?

Zoe Samuel

How did you goof off in class when you were in high school?

What did you want to study when you got to college?

Did your fellow students call you a nerd?

What after school activities were you into?

Were you popular in school?

What activity did you get the most out of in college?

What got you a job when you graduated from college?

What field do you work in?

Which hobby is closest to one you have?

Do you do your own taxes?

Can you stick to a budget?

What is your favorite current hobby?

How long have you been doing your favorite hobby?

How would you fix a computer?

Are you any good at telephone interviews?

Are you convincing?

When the plan goes out the window, can you improvise?

How do you deal with grief?

How are you at helping other people deal with grief?

What are you most worried about day to day?

What gets you upset?

What do you do to relax?

What strength of yours does your circle of friends call on?

Would you intervene if you saw someone being bullied?

How do you respond if you are pulled over for speeding?

How large is your circle of friends?

Do you have many friends with politics different from yours?

How much time do you put aside to prepare for changes in the workplace?

How do you approach your calendar?

How often do you feel overloaded with work?

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About This Quiz

No two people are the same. Depending on where one comes from, what one does for a living, and one's cultural or religious background, a person's strengths, tastes, and state of mind can vary. This is why humanity has been so successful. People who totally focused on a single endeavor, like physics or art, are the reason that we can enjoy art like the Sistine Chapel ceiling or fly into outer space. There are no unimportant people, only people whose importance is not yet understood.

Your childhood, education, religion, and life experience not only provide you with tools but also motives. That combination drives you to do all the things you do, and contribute to the world in a way only you are capable of. Then, of course, there are the gifts of nature. There are certain aspects of humanity that we inherit, like our affinity for math, or painting, or basketball. These gifts can be embraced or cast aside, and sometimes the latter is for the best, as many great humans abandoned one calling for another for which they are well known.

So what sets you apart? Where are you from that gave you your start in life? What gifts lie locked in your DNA? What unique skills did your education impart? What is the thing that makes you special?

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