Quiz: What % Military Material Are You?
What % Military Material Are You?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
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About This Quiz

Are you cut out for the grind that the military demands? Whether you are considering a military career or you are simply curious, telling us about your traits, your skills and your views will let you know how well you can handle it. After this quiz, you'll know exactly what percent military material you are.

Every branch of the military has a unique set of physical and aptitude tests that must be passed before you are considered eligible to serve your country. During this quiz, we are going to touch on the things that the military considers important. However, we really need to get inside your mental standpoint to make the right call. Try to improvise, adapt and overcome the challenges our questions present, and you'll give your capabilities away.

No matter which branch of the military you think you are best suited to try, we believe it is important first to determine whether or not you could hack the military life at all. You might be 100% dedicated to the idea of military life, but could you really handle it? Get into formation and give it your best shot. Once you've finished, we'll let you know if you are cut out for the military or not! Are you?

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Which branch of the military do you respect the most?

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Which word is most important to your way of being?

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Which of your instincts do you think is strongest?

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Which country's military base would you rather visit?

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Which former U.S. president do you admire most?

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How would your friends rate your level of patriotism?

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Which MRE would you like for dinner tonight?

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If you woke up in a zombie apocalypse, which weapon would you grab?

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Using only one word, how would your best friend describe you?

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What are you most likely to donate to your favorite charity?

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Which military vehicle would you like to drive?

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Which apex predator would you channel in a dire situation?

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If you had one wish for your country, what would it be?

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What kind of smart do you really think you are?

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Out of the Big Five personality traits, which one are you?

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Which famous veteran would you like to meet?

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