Quiz: What Nationality Is Your Temperament Most Like?
What Nationality Is Your Temperament Most Like?
By: Brian W.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Have you ever heard that you're a product of your environment? That you act the way you do because of how and where you grew up? Well, this can be true sometimes, but other times, we act like we've had another life in some other country. 

For example, while one may be Canadian, their temper might be fierce and fiery like the native of Brazil. And while you may be expected to have a sunny disposition like the people in Demark, you could actually be channeling some dark and moody vibes like many of the people in Syria. So today, we want to find out just where you should be from, based on on your nature. 

Should you be from polite and traditional England? Maybe you're from the easygoing island of Jamaica? Maybe you're as friendly as the people in one of the coldest countries on earth, Iceland. Or perhaps you're from another country entirely.

If you think your nationality already matches your temperament or if your parents got it all wrong, go ahead and get started on this quiz. Maybe a move will be in your near future so that you can be around people that are just like you.

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