What % Obsessed With Food Are You?

Brian Whitney

Do you start thinking about lunch right after breakfast?

How much do you spend a week eating out, just on food?

What do you do if you're home and out of snacks?

How often do you eat pizza?

Can you watch your favorite shows without snacking?

What are you most likely to get at a baseball game?

Have you ever danced while eating?

When you're splitting a pizza with someone, do you try to get the bigger piece?

How many bread refills do you get at a restaurant?

Have you ever had dinner and gone someplace else for desert?

How big of a piece of birthday cake do you want?

How many Oreos have you eaten at once?

When you share food with someone, do you notice how much they take?

Have you ever asked anyone if they were going to eat the rest of their food?

Have you ever watched a competitive eating show and been envious?

Do you read restaurant reviews for fun?

Have you ever been mad when your roomie or coworker ate your food?

Have you ever gone to a place just because it was all you can eat?

When you are at a party and there is food out for people to have, how much time do you spend near the table?

Have you ever gone back for seconds at Thanksgiving?

Do you get hangry?

It is a company party with all sorts of pizza out. How many pieces would you have?

What would be hardest for you to quit?

Do you eat a lot of heat lamp food?

It is a hot summer day, how far would you drive for your favorite ice cream place?

Do you take a lot of photos of food for Instagram?

Have you gone to a party just for the food?

Would you rather have a small portion of excellent food or a huge portion of average food?

Would you rather be at a gorgeous secluded beach with no amenities, or a small crowded one with a great snack bar?

Have you ever talked on the phone while you were eating?

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About This Quiz

When it comes to food, there a few different types of people in this world. Some people look at food purely as a way to fuel themselves; they don't chase after things that are sweet and fattening, and they do their best to eat healthily. Then there are those that do their best to avoid certain types of food but still slip up every once in awhile. 

It is pretty fair to say that neither of those types has any sort of food obsessions, and if you're one of those types, good on you, although it wouldn't hurt you to be less boring and eat a whole sleeve of Oreos every now and then. 

Then we have the type that loves food. Getting a pizza, going for ice cream, or going out for a fantastic ribeye are all things that are incredibly important to them, but those people still try to keep it in check.

Then finally, we have those that are totally obsessed with food. If there isn't any good food at the party, there isn't any point being there, and being in the house watching a movie without snacks is like being punished. 

Where do you fall on the scale? You see what we did there? Take this quiz and find out what percent obsessed with food you are.

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