What % Obsessed With Food Are You?

Teresa McGlothlin

Which meal is your biggest of the day?

Which citrus fruit do you like most?

Do you make shopping lists?

What is your favorite burger topping?

What kind of bread do you like most?

Which comfort food do you crave?

Which fast food restaurant do you prefer?

What salad topping is your favorite?

How often do you think about food?

Which aisle of the grocery store costs you the most?

Which vegetable do you like the least?

Do you prefer coffee or hot tea?

What is your favorite BBQ side?

Which condiment do you smother things with?

What is your favorite grilled item?

Do you like sushi?

Do you ever take your lunch to work?

How many cookbooks do you own?

How often do you order takeout?

Do you ever dream about food?

How would you rate your culinary skills?

Which appetizer sounds the best?

Which kind of seafood do you like most?

Do you know how to make rice?

Which topping should never go on pizza?

Would you every try haggis?

Are you an adventurous eater?

Which snack food would you keep at your desk?

How do you feel about cauliflower?

Which kind of soup do you prefer?

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About This Quiz

While some folks cannot stop thinking about celebrities or sex, others are constantly preoccupied with food. If you are taking this quiz, we are assuming you might think you are one of those folks! Once you tell us all about your relationship with food, we will reveal the exact percentage of obsessed with it that you really are. 

As we chew our way through this quiz, we will ask you about your food likes and dislikes. We'll also ask you about your culinary skills and about the way you eat. After we see how much of your day that food consumes, we will be able to let you know how deeply your food obsession runs. 

You don't need to be a true foodie or an adventurous eater to be obsessed with food. In fact, the majority of us are just as obsessed with comfort food as we are with exotic delicacies. The way you respond to our questions about food will let us know where you stand on the food obsession scale. 

Can you go for five minutes without thinking of your next snack? Do you spend your work hours thinking about dinner? Answer questions like this, and we'll let you know just how obsessed with grub you are!

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