Quiz: What Old-Timey Car Would You Drive?
What Old-Timey Car Would You Drive?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

The saying is "the clothes make the man." This may or may not be true;, however, how would your opinion be shaped about someone, even someone dressed in a fine suit, if they pulled up in a Chevy Spark instead of a Mercedes E-Class? Would you think someone driving a Volvo V90 is more responsible than someone in a Suzuki Samurai? Would you trust your retirement savings to someone driving a TVR Tuscan?

Your vocabulary of modern cars is likely very extensive since this quiz's test takers will be fairly self-selecting for car lovers. But can you guess what your old fashioned ride would be? If you were alive in your grandfather's generation, for what car would you plunk down your hard-earned dollars?

Rather than looking at cars and working backward to the sort of person who drives them, we will work the other way together. We have devised a brief survey of your personality, likes and dislikes, and personal style. Your answers to this survey will give us the data set we need to pair with our extensive library of old-timey automobiles, some of which would fetch a fortune at auction, and some of which are consigned to the dustbin of automotive history. Take this quiz to find out which old-timey car is right for you!

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