Quiz: What Percent Girlfriend Material Are You?
What Percent Girlfriend Material Are You?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

When a woman is single, there are usually two different places where she resides mentally and emotionally. Sometimes a woman is single because she wants to be, and despite what some people in your life might want you to feel, there is nothing wrong with that, not even a little. She might be busy advancing her career or working hard in school, she might be working on herself after getting out of a bad relationship, or she might even just not want to be in a relationship at all. All of this is more than cool.

But if you are the other type of woman, the kind that is single and looking, you are bound to wonder what signs you are giving off to people that you are hoping might be interested in you. And when we say interested in you, we mean like as a girlfriend, and not just for some middle of the night booty call. This quiz is about what makes you girlfriend material and if you don't score high, don't despair, it doesn't mean you aren't attractive as a girlfriend, it just says that maybe you aren't as ready to be a girlfriend as you might think.

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