What Percent Gryffindor Are You?

By: Kennita Leon

Which Harry Potter guy are you most like?

And which female character would you date?

Which Harry Potter ghost is your favorite?

Which class would you enjoy the most?

Which Harry Potter creature is your spirit animal?

Which Hogwarts professor would you be the most scared of?

Where in the castle or on the grounds would you spend most of your time?

You’ve made the Quidditch team. What position are you playing?

Which of the following brooms would you be the most comfortable on?

Which Triwizard contestant was your favorite?

Of the four Marauders, which one are you most like?

What are you most likely to do that would make a teacher deduct points from your house?

What sounds like the worst Hogwarts detention ever?

What kind of grades would you average on your O.W.L. exams?

What achievement are you most likely to leave Hogwarts with?

What would you go on to be when you leave Hogwarts?

Whose side would you have been on - Harry’s or Voldemort’s?

Who’s the greatest wizard who ever lived?

How much do you miss Harry Potter?

How brave are you?

Are you a loyal friend?

Both you and a friend break the rules. Only your friend gets caught. What do you do?

What word best describes you?

What do you like doing for fun?

If a friend dared you to do something crazy, would you do it?

Do you love your job?

Have you ever thought about joining the Armed Forces?

Would you sacrifice yourself for somebody you loved?

What % Gryffindor do you think you are?

Which house would you really be sorted into?

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About This Quiz

Oh, to be a Gryffindor! Almost everyone wants to be sorted into that house and some even lie about getting that result. But if you really want to know the truth, take this quiz.

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