What Periodic Element Resonates With Your Soul?

Zoe Samuel

How would someone get under your skin?

How do you behave if left alone?

How long is your fuse?

How superficially judged are you?

If you had to live in a European nation, which one would you pick?

How energetic are you?

How soft is your soft side?

How well understood is your value?

How attractive do people find you?

How flexible are you?

How hot is your temper?

When you get into a conversation, how likely is it that conversation will get heavy?

How do you get when you're all charged up?

Are you much involved in fitness?

How useful are you in an emergency?

How hard are you?

How snobby are you?

How often can you be spotted at a barbecue?

What medical condition might you be able to help with?

When things are darkest, what brings you the light?

How supportive are you?

How warm is your personality?

How do you react under pressure?

How are you at parties?

What do people turn to you for at work?

How unique are you?

How sharp are you?

How easily do you get rusty?

Are you dangerous to be around?

How well liked are you?

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About This Quiz

For thousands of years, astrologers have used the zodiac to define personality types. The zodiac signs, each associated with a sun sign, moon sign, star sign, or rising sign, are in turn dominated by one of the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Thus, it is said that someone dominated by air signs will have a "lively" relationship with someone dominated by fire signs.

Fast forward a few thousand years and we know there are way more than just four elements. As of today, there are one hundred and eighteen elements on the periodic table, each one representing an atomic structure with unique properties. These elements are assembled into groups (vertical columns) and periods (horizontal rows). These organizational methods collect elements with like elements in a way that makes them easier to understand. Interestingly, the periodic table is also organized numerically, with the smallest elements (fewest subatomic particles) at the top, and the largest at the bottom of the periodic table. Most elements we are likely to encounter on a day to day basis are further up, though from time to time you'll run into something strange as it is embedded in a piece of technology you use.

Which element resonates with your soul? Which group of protons, neutrons, and electrons behaves in a manner reminiscent of your own predilections? Take this quiz to find out!

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