Quiz: What Predator Represents You in Bed?
What Predator Represents You in Bed?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: conylav3 / Pixabay

About This Quiz

Is it any surprise that we use so many animal metaphors to describe people in life? Someone's a cold fish, a scapegoat or a sacrificial lamb.  We're part of the rat race full of busy beavers looking for their cash cow. Some of us start as ugly ducklings and grow up to be dark horses. It's a veritable zoo out there. And all of that's just in public! In private, things get a little more beastly.

Since animals have so many qualities we find admirable, it makes sense we'd want to compare ourselves. To be as strong as a lion, as fearsome as a bear, or as wise as an owl all sound like good things. And maybe when it comes to sex, we can compare ourselves with a lot of the same qualities. Who doesn't want to be virile and agile and packed with stamina?

Now, maybe you're not sure what animal represents you in bed. Perhaps you never even thought about it before. But if you answer a few questions for us, we'll not only tell you what animal you are in bed; we'll also tell you what predator you are. Top of the food chain, real deal creatures here. No bunnies on this list! Take the quiz and see!

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