What Rank Do You Deserve in the Air Force?

Zoe Samuel

How educated are you?

How's your vision?

How tall are you?

How would you handle being on the bottom rung of the ladder?

Are you a team player?

Do you learn new skills easily?

What do you think of working for USSTRATCOM?

What do you think of working for USAF Space Command?

What do you think of working for Air Combat Command?

What aircraft would you most want to pilot?

Do you actually want to be a pilot?

How would you feel if you were made to work in logistics?

Do you plan on using the GI Bill?

Would you want to attend the Air Force Academy before enlisting?

What current theater is the most interesting to you, and why?

What historic theater is the most interesting to you?

What aircraft do you think was the best overall fighter the US ever launched?

Why would a pilot want to wear a dive watch?

Would you be interested in being a drone pilot?

Do you want to be stationed in the US or abroad?

With what nation do you think the US is most likely to end up in an air combat engagement?

How are you at fixing things?

If you were in the Navy, how would you feel about being on a flight deck crew?

What long range bomber in the US arsenal is your favorite?

What retired US aircraft do you secretly yearn to return?

Why do you think stealth aircraft are always accompanied by two wingmen until they begin their missions?

What do you think the biggest difference is between Navy and USAF fighter pilots?

What USAF Special Operations job do you think sounds like fun?

Are you a little sad that NASA isn't part of the Air Force anymore?

What USAF command is the spookiest?

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About This Quiz

The United States Air Force is one of the most formidable military forces on the planet. It is unarguably the most effective air force in military history, with essentially total dominance over the entire planet. While it's true that countries other than the US and its allies may nominally control their own airspace, it's also true that the technology the American Air Force can put into the field is so devastatingly superior that literally nobody could possibly beat it. 

It's just that they are much better-equipped, better-trained, and frankly richer than the competition. If USAF were to decide to take over a country, unless that country has nukes and is prepared to use them, there is simply no way they're going to win. Given that, USAF should be noted as much for its restraint as for its power and competence.

What makes USAF so ultimately terrifying to its enemies and reassuring to its allies, however, is its people. It may suffer from all the absurd inefficiencies common to large bureaucracies and militaries in particular, but at the end of the day, when it claims to employ the best of the best, it's not kidding. It contains within its ranks some of the most effective, patriotic warriors ever to walk this Earth - or fly above it. So let's see where you would fit in among them!

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