What Rank Do You Deserve in the Army?

Teresa M.

Are you good with computers?

Other than the Army, which branch of the military do you think is toughest?

Would you be a better fire fighter or police officer?

How would your boss describe your work?

Do you have a lot of patience?

How many pushups could you drop and do?

Which outdoor activity do you enjoy most?

Which area of your life would you like to improve?

Could you pass a military physical the first time?

If you had a fender bender, what is the first thing you would do?

What kind of vehicle would you like to drive most?

How are you weapons skills?

Are you prepared for a natural disaster?

Would you rather be a medic or a sniper?

Can you put up a tent by yourself?

How often do you shine your shoes?

Can you make a hospital corner?

Do you have issues with authority?

Do you work a lot of overtime?

When is the last time you got a raise?

Which military related television show do you like most?

Which war do you know the most about?

Would you be a better pilot or a better sailor?

What would your best buddy say is your best trait?

Can you change your own oil?

Are you organized?

How well did you survive boot camp?

Which job would you be best suited to do?

What do you respect most about our soldiers?

Which kind of MRE would you like for dinner?

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About This Quiz

Have you been having around the barracks for so long the Army has given you the honorary title of General? Or have you truly earned your stripes with hard work and commitment? After you've been through this quiz, we'll know which Army rank you deserve!

You might think you deserve a higher rank than the one you currently have, or maybe you've received your title through default. The responses you provide to our questions will make the rank you actually deserve abundantly clear. Because you are in the Army, we expect a lot from you. Our ranks might not be as easy to earn as you think. 

As we go along, we will test your skills, your personality, and the way you handle a few real-life situations. You might actually be a General, but will you respond like a Private? Answer our questions with being all you can be in mind, and we're sure that you'll do just fine in the rank department. 

Polish up those boots because it's time to start marching through the Army rank quiz. Will you deserve to be a Captain, or will you barely be able to deserve to be called Specialist? Only your answers can tell you for sure!

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