What Rank Do You Deserve in the Marines?

Brian Whitney

Does the thought of combat freak you out?

Are you in good shape?

Do you mind taking orders?

How much do you like to yell?

Are you an Alpha?

Do you like to party?

Do you have good organizational skills?

What time do you get up each day?

What do you do if your boss yells in your face?

Do you mind taking responsibility for tough decisions?

What do you do if your two best friends are fighting?

What do you like the least?

How high did you make it in school?

What do you do if your car breaks down?

When was the last fistfight you got in?

Are you good at doing reports?

What would you do if you were losing a battle?

Would you like to make a career out of the Marines?

How much do you love your country?

Would you die for your country?

Which movie would you most like to see?

How competitive are you?

Are you a team player?

What is your favorite sport?

What would be a good job for you?

How short is your hair?

What do you think of the Army?

If you couldn't be in the Marines, what would you join?

Do you look good in uniform?

How tidy are you at home?

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About This Quiz

As everyone knows, it is tough being in the military. If you have served, you know how difficult it is and how much sacrifice is involved, and if you haven't, you would be lying if you said you didn't think it would test you in many ways. 

And then you have the Marines. While being in any part of the military is hard, being in the Marines is so much harder. The Marines are known throughout America, and even throughout the world, as the toughest fighting force there is. How high you would rank in the marines depends on a lot of things, your toughness, your integrity, your patriotism, and your ability to follow orders without question in any situation, even if that means it might put your life at risk.

Now, if you take this quiz and don't score all that high in rank, don't be too worried about it; you're probably just way more of a lover than a fighter. And right now the world needs lovers more than ever.

How high would you rank in the Marines? You're going to have to take this quiz to find out. But first, drop and give me 20. Go ahead. I am waiting. You still haven't done it, have you?

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