Quiz: What Rank Do You Deserve in the Navy?
What Rank Do You Deserve in the Navy?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

When you join the United States Navy, you are doing noble and wonderful work! After your enlistment, we are sure you have what it takes to fly through the ranks. The question is - which rank will you deserve? 

Although every Navy rank comes with responsibility and hard work, each rank has a different skill. Throughout this quiz, we will focus on the skills you already possess to do a little comparison. We're sure the things you already know how to do will be complemented by the military training you'll receive, and you will be flying through the ranks in no time. 

Once we know how well you handle conflict, how you live your everyday life, and how many tries it would take you to pass a military physical, it will be easy to learn how we should address you. While some of you will need to be known as Commander, a few of you might not make it past Ensign. No matter which rank you find yourself deserving, you have provided an honorable service for your nation!

If you're ready to sail the seven seas, we're ready to tell you how your fellow sailors will say your name. Bombs away! 

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