Quiz: What Rank in the Army Will You Reach?
What Rank in the Army Will You Reach?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

The ancient Greeks invented the boot camp. In ancient Sparta, young boys would spend day and night learning to survive hardship, torture, starvation, and of course, military discipline. This crucible turned children into fearless warriors capable of surviving ten to one odds. This system of training was resurrected by Niccolo Machiavelli when Florence faced French invaders, and it is still used today by militaries the world over to make soldiers of their people.

The United States military is designed to accept nearly anyone who wants to join it, however very few men or women ever reach the high ranks. The military is designed to test us, find our strengths, maximize our capabilities, and bring out the best in us. 

If you have leadership qualities, the military will enlarge them. If you have technical proficiency, the military will teach you to master its systems. If you have a way with words or are a poet with a camera, the United States military will find a place for you to use those skills to the benefit of the system.

How do you think you would fare in a system designed to push you until you fail? Would you rise to the occasion and become an inspiration to your fellow men, or would you be content to work as a grunt; a tiny cog in the massive military machine? What rank would you achieve?

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