What Rank Will You Earn in the Army Based on Your Life Skills?

Teresa McGlothlin

What is the easiest way to learn something?

How would you rate your mathematical skills?

Are you a better leader or a better team player?

Would you say you're tech savvy?

What's your favorite way to work out?

Are you a patient person?

What is your emotional intelligence like?

Which of your personality traits outshines the others?

Do you get angry easily?

How do you communicate your feelings?

Do you have an organized workspace?

What kind of platoon leader would you be?

Do you have any mechanical skills?

Are you ever late for work?

What kind of student were you in high school?

How are your negotiation skills?

Do you enjoy public speaking?

What kind of first impression would you make?

How would you start a fire without matches?

What rank would you give your marksmanship skills?

How do you handle stress?

Which word best describes your manners?

Can you handle yourself in the kitchen?

Do you have a current resume?

Are you good at saving money?

How fast do you type?

Do you have a good poker face?

Are you more left-brained or right-brained?

Do you ask for help when you need it?

Would your friend say you are a good listener?

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Image: Frank Rossoto Stocktrek/DigitalVision/gettyimages

About This Quiz

From the way you interact with others to your mathematical problem-solving abilities, your life skills have been growing since the day you were born. Along the way, you have gathered so many valuable skills that you might not realize that they are skills others might not possess. As we go through this quiz formation, your unique skill set will give a lot away about you. Most importantly, it will give away the Army rank you would be able to earn! 

Serving in any branch of the military is an honorable thing to do, but serving in the Army requires a tough and resilient set of life skills. In order to figure out how high in the Army your skills will see you rising, we need to find out as much about them as we can. When you see our question, use your instinct to hone in on the answer that represents you the best. 

Like any good soldier, we expect you to pay attention and to use laser precision to describe your life skills. Once you make it through our hurdles, we have no doubt your highest potential will be revealed. Will the things you know turn you into a Major or will you spend your career as a private? 

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