What Rank Will You Reach on the Police Force?

Zoe Samuel

How ambitious are you?

Are you great at paperwork?

Do you love engaging with the community?

What outfit looks good on you?

How far do you like to walk in a day?

How political are you?

How detail-oriented are you?

Can you manage a team?

Can you defuse tense situations?

Do you relate to the man in the street?

Can you manage upwards?

Are you a long term strategist?

Have you ever turned in a fellow cop for breaking the rules?

Is your family a police family?

How many years of policing do you think you have in you?

What weapon do you like to use the most?

How fast can you run the hundred meter sprint?

Are you basically Sherlock Holmes when it comes to spotting a clue?

Which crime is the most interesting to you?

What snack do you like best?

What injury are you willing to face in the course of an ordinary day?

How much coffee will you drink in the course of a day of policework?

When something goes wrong in the department, who will get the blame?

What mistake could you make that would end your career today?

Which cop show do you secretly want to be living in?

How important is money to you?

How important is having your own office?

If you were not a cop, what would you do?

What sort of space do you like to be in, day to day?

How often do you like going to fancy dinners?

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About This Quiz

Serving and protecting the community by joining its police force is one of the noblest ways that a citizen can contribute to the civic life of their city. The police force, after all, is vital to the maintenance of civil order and the protection of the people. Without it, the alternative becomes a militia or military, possibly alongside private mercenary forces maintaining order, and both of these are naturally going to tend toward overreach. A civilian police force that is answerable to the local civilian government is thus accountable and - when it is well-managed by a competent chief - thoroughly in tune with what the local community's needs and concerns are, and equipped to address them.

Of course, that means the police force needs to ensure that it hires the very best people. This goes double in environments in which the police's relationship to the community has been especially fraught due to a complicated history, excessive use of force, or other factors. Rebuilding trust means an accountable and thoughtful police force that is staffed by people who are drawn from the same communities they are policing, who are determined to do right by those communities and serve them as best they can. That means you - but how high do you think you'll rise within that police force? Take this quiz to find out!

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