What Rank Would You Achieve in Starfleet?

Ian Fortey

Which quadrant of the galaxy do you feel like you'd want to spend most of your time in?

Which of the antagonistic races in "Star Trek" do you think you'd be able to go toe-to-toe with?

Which race would you want to get to know more about?

Where would you most want to serve in the entire galaxy?

Which famous "Star Trek" villain do you have the most respect for?

Which of the other races in Starfleet do you think needs to have a bigger presence?

Which of the species in the entire history of "Star Trek" had the coolest design?

Some of the aliens that Starfleet runs across are terrifying. Which species would you be most afraid of?

If you were on a Starfleet vessel, what job do you think you'd most want to be performing?

Who is the greatest captain in Starfleet history?

Not that a Starfleet officer would ever trash talk another one, but which captain is the worst?

Which Engineer was the greatest in "Star Trek" history?

Who was the best security officer in any "Star Trek" series?

If you need medical help, then you need to see the doctor. Which Starfleet doctor was the best of the bunch?

Every Starfleet vessel has someone on board who helps give the other characters some perspective or maybe lifts their spirits. Which one was best?

Starfleet has lots of opportunities for non-human officers. Which crew member did you find most relatable?

Every so often Star Trek introduces you to an alien that isn't a sentient race. Which one of these critters was the best?

Any Starfleet officer is going to need some downtime. Where are you going to relax?

What do you think was the most compelling part of the stories told on "Star Trek."

Worf and O'Brien moved from "TNG" to "DS9." Which other character do you wish could have gone on to a new series?

Which Starfleet vessel had the coolest design?

Starfleet has a wide range of vessels, but which alien race had to coolest ships?

How important do you think it is to follow the Prime Directive?

What technology in the "Star Trek" universe do you think is the most amazing?

No species has been made over as much as the Klingons. Which version of the Klingons is the best?

The "Star Trek" universe has some eclectic bar menus. What drink would you most like to try?

You never have to get bored in the "Star Trek" universe because there are just so many games to play. What sounds like the most fun?

No one wants to go to war but if you have to throw down, what kind of weapons do you want to be using?

Which "Star Trek"movie was the best of them all?

At the risk of starting an argument, which of these sci-fi series is as good as "Star Trek?"

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About This Quiz

When "Star Trek" premiered back in September of 1966, no one on Earth or anywhere else in the galaxy could have predicted what a cultural milestone it would eventually become. The original series seemed to not make an impact at all, being quickly canceled and almost forgotten, but then something about Gene Roddenberry's vision and the diverse and engaging cast started to click with people. The show exploded and by the time "The Next Generation" premiered, it had become a phenomenon that went so far beyond anything people had ever seen.  

There's a lot to love in the "Star Trek" universe. So many unique species, incredible adventures, cool technology and also engaging stories about what it means to be human. Who wouldn't want to be a part of the universe as presented in "Star Trek?" Maybe Q, but he doesn't count. So when it comes to being a part of "Star Trek," there's no doubt you're going to want to join up with Starfleet. But what are you going to do once you get there? If you want to know where you're going to fit into Starfleet, answer some questions for us about the world of the 24th century and beyond and we'll get you enlisted right away. Take the quiz and see!

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