In What Season Should You Get Married?

Brian Whitney

What makes you feel romantic?

Which of these activities would you enjoy doing the most?

Which of these holidays is your favorite?

What is your favorite sport?

Which east coast location would you like to visit?

How many people do you want at your wedding?

What type of music will you have?

How many people will be in your wedding party?

How much money will you spend on your wedding?

How much money will you spend on your honeymoon?

Are you worried about how you body will look in your dress/suit?

What makes you feel comfy?

What do you do on New Year's Eve?

Which of these articles of clothing would you wear?

What is your favorite footwear?

How far do most of your guests have to travel for the wedding?

Are you an indoor or outdoor type of person?

What would you wear on your head most often?

Which city would you like to go to on your honeymoon?

Where would your dream wedding would be?

Which of these drinks sounds the most delicious to you?

What will you drive away from the wedding in?

What would you like to get for a wedding day gift?

Do you get along with all of your groomsmen/bridesmaids?

What outdoor activity could you see yourself having the most fun with?

Are you really into Valentine's Day?

Have you been engaged before?

Are you having a cash bar?

When do you like to workout?

Do your parents approve of your wedding plans?

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About This Quiz

The big day is coming up. You picked the right person (hopefully), the location is all lined up, and your family is on board. So what season will the big day be?

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