What Should You BBQ This 4th of July?

Victoria Highley

What is your favorite side dish?

How many people have you invited?

Which barbecue sauce do you prefer?

What do you serve to drink with your BBQ?

What kind of barbecue do you have?

What is your go-to activity for backyard fun?

Where is your work phone during the party?

What do you have a guest pick up on their way over?

Which shoes do you wear to the party?

What dinnerware are your guests eating of off?

What kind of snacks do you have out before dinner?

What do you have for a post meal treat?

Which vegetable do you most enjoy grilled?

How do you serve pulled pork?

How long did it take you to plan the party?

What are your plans for fireworks?

If you went on a trip for the 4th of July, where would you go?

Who is doing the dishes?

Where does everyone sit down to eat?

How would you react to your friend bringing an unexpected date?

What vacation are you talking about with your guests?

What will you do with your leftover meat?

How did you decorate the table?

What is your ideal backyard like?

What games do you set up?

What is your starch of choice?

How do you keep the mosquitos away?

What fleeting thought enters your head as you go to bed after the party?

When is your next get together?

What puts you in a patriotic mood?

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About This Quiz

Independence Day is synonymous with two things: fireworks and BBQ. You'll need to celebrate with the best barbecue around, and the best barbecue is the kind that you that you love. Take this quiz to find out what you should barbecue this 4th of July!

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