What Should You Crochet Next?

Teresa M.

Which type of wool yarn do you like most?

Where do you find crochet patterns?

What crochet project did you last finish?

How would you rate your crochet skill level?

What size crochet hook do you use most often?

Which Arugami project would you like to try?

How do you feel about receiving handmade gifts?

What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen crocheted?

What do you enjoy most about crocheting?

Which stitch is your favorite?

Where did you learn to crochet?

Do you like to knit?

Which cotton yarn project would you try?

Which type of yarn fiber do you prefer?

Are you good with a sewing machine?

Have you ever tried embroidery?

Have you ever used a crochet cup cozy?

Have you ever attended a local craft night?

What inspires you to pick up a crochet hook?

What class might you take at a local art center?

Which crochet magazine would you subscribe to?

What color scheme will your next project have?

Would you ever try making your own sweater?

What crochet item might you give as a gift?

Are you more left brained or right brained?

Which holiday do you think is most fun for crochet themes?

Which celebrity crocheter do you find most interesting?

How many incomplete projects do you have?

Have you ever crocheted for charity?

Do you list your crochet projects on sites like Etsy?

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About This Quiz

With autumn quickly approaching, it's the perfect time to get out your crochet hooks and make something cozy! What should you crochet next? Let's find out!

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