Quiz: What Should Your First Tattoo Be?
What Should Your First Tattoo Be?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: WikiCommons by Allef Vinicius

About This Quiz

You're ready to do it. There really are just two kinds of people in this world: those who have tattoos and those that don't. Once you get a tattoo, you are part of the club forever; whether you have tattoos all over your body, or whether you just a small one on your ankle, once you get inked up you can't go back. Which is exactly why you are going to think long and hard about what kind of tattoo you are going to get.

But what kind should you get for your very first one? More people are getting tattoos all the time, what used to be something that was thought of as outside the norm, is not so odd these days. The types of tattoos that are out there are only limited by your imagination, and of course by the talent of the tattoo artist that you choose. 

Do you want a traditional tattoo, or perhaps a tribal tattoo is more your scene? Are you into something that has a new school, hipster type vibe? Whatever you are thinking about for your very first tattoo, don't make any hasty decisions, as it isn't going to wash off. Maybe taking this quiz will help you decide.

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