What Should Your Garage Band Be Named?

Teresa M.

What is your main instrument?

Who do you think is the best lead singer?

Which famous musician would you invite to jam with you?

How many times a week will you practice?

Which pop singer do you think is most talented?

What decade of music was most influential for you?

What would you have been found doing at Woodstock?

What will most of your songs be about?

Which kind of music do you listen to most often?

How far would you get on American Idol?

How did you get interested in music?

How do you listen to music most often?

Which '90s grunge band do you like most?

Which songwriter do you like most?

Where will your band play their first show?

What might you name a new pet?

What do you think others will say about your music?

Which "America's Got Talent" judge do you like most?

What would you wear to a music awards show?

What is your level of musicianship?

Which member of Led Zeppelin do you think is most talented?

Where will your garage band record?

Which country would you like to tour with your band?

Which classic rock band influences your music most?

Which singer do you think is most underrated?

How do you feel when you play with your band?

How will you advertise your shows?

Which song might your band cover?

Which rapper's music do you know best?

What will your mom think of your music?

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About This Quiz

Since the 1960s, garage bands have been making underground music full of self-expression! If you were in your own garage band, what would your name be? Let's find out.

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