What Should Your Hockey Nickname Be?

Daniel Yetman

Which of these would you consider your biggest strength?

What position do you play in hockey (or what position would you like to play)?

Here are four nicknames of famous NHL players. Which nickname do you like the most?

Are you more of a scorer or playmaker?

How do you want your teammates to see you?

If you were to play in the NHL, what type of legacy would you like to leave?

In which of these hockey games would you rather play?

Your team is down 2-1 in sudden death overtime and on a power play. What's your role?

What feat is most impressive among the following?

If you were a general manager, with what type of players would you fill your team?

Who's the best player in the NHL?

Are you a physical player?

Whats your opinion on fighting in hockey?

How intimidating of a person are you?

You would never play on which of the following teams?

In which of these eras of the NHL would you like to play?

Many European teams have a reputation as being fast and highly skilled whereas many North American teams have a reputation for being strong and physical. With which type of team would you fit in best?

What's the best part of a hockey game?

Do you usually get more goals or assists?

If you weren't a hockey player, which one of these sports would you be most likely to play?

You're most alike to which of these all-time greats?

If you were playing in a game that went to a shootout, would your teammates want you on the ice?

Are you injury prone?

Have you ever scored a hat trick?

Have you ever been the captain of your team?

How do you score most of your goals?

At which skills competition event would you do best?

Are you a fast skater?

For which of these teams would you rather play?

How tall are you?

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About This Quiz

For as long as the NHL has been around, players have been giving their teammates nicknames. Some of the more creative titles over the years include Steve "The Puck Goes Inski" Buzinski, Bernie "Boom-Boom" Geoffrion, and Yvan "The Roadrunner" Cournoyer. 

Would you like any of those titles? Perhaps you'd prefer a more classic name. Can you identify the players who go along with these famous nicknames: "The Dominator," "The Eagle," "The Russian Rocket"? In case your nickname knowledge needs a refresher,  those belong to Dominik Hasek, Ed Belfour and Pavel Bure.

There are a few unwritten rules when assigning nicknames. Some nicknames are wordplay based on a player's name, other's are based on their talents (or lack of talents), and some are references to a player's appearance. Perhaps the most important rule is you can't assign a nickname to yourself. Do you think Wayne Gretzky started calling himself "The Great One"? Of course not! He earned that title based on his dominance on the ice.

Maybe you're not a household name like Gretzky or Gordie Howe yet, but that doesn't mean you haven't earned your nickname. Let's get started to find out what name best suits you and guarantees a goal!

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