What Should Your Star Trek Job Be?

Teresa M.

Who is your favorite Science Fiction author?

Which Star Trek film do you like most?

Who is your favorite "Star Trek: The Next Generation" character?

Who do you think was a better captain, Kirk or Picard?

Which William Shatner movie do you like most?

What did you like most about Spock?

Which planet do you find most fascinating?

Which Star Trek doctor do you like most?

Will you stop to ask directions when you get lost?

Which Star Trek alien race do you identify with most?

What is the first thing you do when you get to work every day?

Are you a strong leader?

Which Star Trek actress do you know the most about?

Would you like to visit outer space?

Which "Star Trek: Voyager" character are you most like?

What do you like most about Worf's character?

What do you like most about the original "Star Trek" series?

Which George Takei movie do you like most?

Which Star Trek weapon would you like to operate?

Which Star Trek planet would you like to know more about?

Which Star Trek language would you like to learn to speak?

What occupation do you think you are best suited for?

If you went to a Star Trek convention, who would you dress as?

Do you believe in alien life?

Which alien species do you think has the best war ships?

Which Patrick Stewart role did you like most?

How much of a Star Trek fan are you?

What do you like the least about your current job?

Which sci-fi television show do you like most?

Which Captain Kirk quote do you like most?

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About This Quiz

Star Trek's very first Prime Directive is not to interfere with other civilizations; after all, as Commander Ryker put it, it's not the job of the Enterprise crew to keep the intergalactic peace. However, that doesn't mean there's not plenty of work do with within Starfleet itself, from keeping the ship shipshape to liaising with allies and Federation members to training to security.

While everyone in Starfleet is obviously highly qualified, getting on board the crew means you're the best of the best in your field. So you have to choose the area where you can excel above all. Perhaps you have a knack for understanding people's aches and pains and for healing their ills. Maybe you're more machine-minded and have engineering skills that are second to none. 

Maybe you can easily think in multiple dimensions - three physical ones, plus time and perhaps a few others - meaning that your sense of direction is second to none. Or maybe you are a natural leader of men and women, someone who can bring out the best in everyone around you and ensure that clashes of personality are managed as best they can be. Whatever your particular specialty, there's a role on the Enterprise for you, so let's find out what it is!

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