What Signs Are You Sending to Your Suitors?

Zoe Samuel

How long do you wait to return a phone call?

If you like someone, who do you tell first?

You see someone fine at a party. What's your first move?

What's the best way to meet a new person, in your view?

If you liked a work colleague, how would you act on it?

What's the longest relationship you've ever been in?

Have you ever had a relationship of more than a year that didn't start in college or at work?

Do you make free eye contact when you're flirting?

After a date, they offer to walk you home. You're right by their subway stop and your home is a 10-minute walk. You like them but you're not ready to kiss them. What do you say?

If you're not sure whether it's a date, how do you find out?

What is the longest you'd date someone before discussing whether you are a couple?

Do you show a lot of skin when you flirt?

How do you know when someone is your boyfriend or girlfriend?

You've been dating someone two months when it's their birthday. What do you get them?

Do you think it's weird when a (straight) woman makes the first move?

Can a good relationship come out of dating on the rebound?

If their first kiss just doesn't do it for you, how do you deal?

If you meet someone and you like them, how do you get their contact details?

If they don't call after the second date, how many times will you reach out before giving up?

When do you bring up the subject of what you're looking for long term?

If they ask you what you're looking for before you bring it up, what do you say?

Have you ever experienced "the thunderbolt"?

If you see your crush in the supermarket, how do you engineer it so you get to speak to them?

Have you ever sent someone a physical love letter?

If you were to ask someone out point blank, what would you say?

If someone ghosted you after 10 dates, what would you do about it?

Have you ever hoped someone would dump you rather than telling them you weren't into them anymore?

When is a good time to discuss your exes?

If someone you like assumes you are more into them than they are into you, do you correct them?

Do you flirt with people you aren't into just because it's fun?

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About This Quiz

One of the great advantages of today's culture is that the idea of simply telling your partner what you want, when and how is considered pretty darn normal. However, it's one thing to be totally frank with a partner who you know loves or likes and respects you, when you're absolutely sure that they are the one for you. It can be a lot more difficult to be upfront when you don't actually know what you want, or whether this person is actually that into you.

Inevitably, it feels like whoever shows more interest has the most to lose, which can lead to something of a guessing game. Cutting through the "red tape" and simply stating your piece can put some people off, as even that can be totally misconstrued. For example, if you tell someone you're into them, they might think you're a desperate and clingy mess, entirely too forward, or just the type of person who indiscriminately hits on everyone as though it's a pure numbers game. This can happen even when they're the first person you've liked in months! At the same time, if you're too shy or unsure to speak up clearly, you can get unfairly accused of playing games, when really your mixed signals are just a product of mixed feelings.

This is why it's important to back up even the most explicit words with signs, to make clear to the other person what you want and who you are, all without unnecessarily freaking them out or coming across as someone you're not. Let's find out what signs you're sending, and hopefully knowing the answer will help you send the ones you meant to send!

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