What Skin Type Do You Have?

Steven Miller

How much sun damage does your skin have?

How large are your pores?

How important is it for you to keep your skin looking young?

Are dark circles under your eyes a concern you have?

Do you have issues with post-breakout scars?

How sensitive is your skin?

How common is redness or rosacea for you?

How commonly do you struggle with loss of tone in your skin?

How frequently do you fly on an airplane?

How would you describe your current weather?

How regularly do you have brown spots or discoloration of your skin?

How easily is your skin irritated by harsh products?

How often do you have breakouts?

How often does your skin feel tight?

How does your skin feel when you wake up in the morning?

How regularly do you struggle with dehydration of your skin?

How common of an issue is clogged pores or blackheads for you?

How oily would you say your skin is?

How regularly do you wear sunscreen?

How would you describe your skin tone?

In the middle of the day, how does your skin usually look?

What skin treatment do you apply before bed?

How shiny is your skin?

How oily is your T-zone?

How young and supple is your skin?

How wrinkly is your skin?

What is your current skin care regimen?

How big of a problem is acne for you?

How much sleep do you get?

What's your current age?

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About This Quiz

Your genes have a significant impact on what skin type you have. However, other factors such as your age and the type of weather you are experiencing will influence it as well. Take this quiz to find out which skin type you currently have.

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