Quiz: What % Smart Are You?
What % Smart Are You?
By: Steven Miller
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

There's more to being smart than just the things you learn in books. In this quiz, we'll look at all the varied aspects that make up the concept of being bright. This will include general knowledge, preferences that have been scientifically tied to those with higher levels of intelligence, street smarts, emotional intelligence and so on.

For example, it's been shown that smart people tend to be night owls. If you're someone who is at their best in the wee hours of the morning and you tend to sleep later than most people, there's a good chance that your percentage is on the rise.

Beyond the habits and preferences that smart people generally have, we'll be sure to include the kinds of questions that you'd see on an IQ test. These verbal and numeric challenges are sure to get your grey matter firing and reveal just how sharp you truly are.

We're also going to test your memory and present you with some questions that will test your common sense and street smarts. From our perspective, you may be able to read out the numbers of pi to an impressive length, but if you're not astute enough to look both ways before you cross the street, that intelligence might not get you very far in life.

Strap on your thinking cap and let's begin.

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