Quiz: What Song Was Written About You?
What Song Was Written About You?
By: Teresa M.

About This Quiz

Have you ever turned on the radio and heard a song that makes you say, “That’s my song!” When we hear our favorite artists singing lyrics we find relatable, it strikes a nerve somewhere deep inside of us! Even science has proven that music changes the way our brains operate. It activates our grey matter in ways that are still not completely understood.

We're not talking about a song that makes you think of your ex, or a song that reminds you of a good time in college. We’re talking about a song that sums you up better than your own mother could. We’re talking about a song that paints a portrait of you and the way you live your life. A song that could never have been written about anyone else!

With a countless number of songs out there that maybe, sort of, kind of describes you, it’s hard to know which one is truly your very own song. This quiz is designed to help you wade through decades of music to determine exactly which song was written about you and only you! Get out your earbuds because you're going to be listening to it for the rest of the day!

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