What Superhero Is Your Significant Other?

Jennifer Post

Do you and your SO fight a lot?

What is date night like?

Do you ever feel like your SO is misunderstood?

What do you like most about your SO?

Is your SO close with their parents?

What is your SO's favorite color?

How did you meet?

When do you think you'll tie the knot?

What is your SO's favorite food?

How does your SO handle stress?

What was your SO's college major?

Do you consider your SO to be a lover or a fighter?

What is your SO's favorite meal of the day?

Do you both want kids?

What is your favorite holiday to spend together?

How much of a team player is your SO?

What is your SO's drink of choice?

What is your SO's best trait?

Was your SO in any clubs in school?

Does your SO have any weaknesses?

What is your SO's favorite movie genre?

How well did you SO do in school?

What TV show does your SO belong on?

How does your SO get rid of a hangover?

How does your SO like his/her coffee?

What do you think is your SO's biggest issue with the world today?

What is the best way to deal snoring?

Does your SO like to cook?

If your SO was a dessert, which one would they be?

Do you think your SO is the one?

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Image: Marvel Studios

About This Quiz

With a superhero movie coming out every year it seems, it's easy to get sucked into it. Even if you didn't grow up reading the comics, you can still fall in love with the stories by watching the movies. The first big-budget superhero film was "Superman" in 1978, and it was a hit! Of course, that's no surprise these days, but back then it was a gamble. 

Just like when people would claim which "Friends" or "Sex in the City" character they were, today people identify with certain superheroes for one reason or another. Maybe it's the personality, perhaps it's the strength, or maybe it's the hair color. Whatever it is, it is not a new concept to pick a character and stick with it. 

If you didn't know, all of the superheroes you have come to know and love are based on comic book characters. Just like the first movie, the first superhero comic was Superman. It was released in 1938 and was released as a series that was meant to take people's minds off of the Great Depression and World War II.

Do you think you and your significant other match in superhero traits? Take this quiz to find out which superhero your SO is!

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