What Taylor Swift Haircut Should You Rock?

Talin Vartanian

How would you wear your hair for a photo shoot?

What is something that you really admire about Taylor Swift?

Which of Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriends would you want to date?

Do you think that your personality is similar to Taylor Swift?

How would you describe your overall sense of fashion?

What's your current hair type?

Which of these cities would you want to tour in?

Pick some cute shoes to wear on a date!

Do you personally prefer long or short hair on you?

Which of these Taylor Swift albums speaks to your soul the most?

How do you feel about glittery makeup?

What's the one hair product that you always reach for?

Would you describe yourself as more of a lipstick or a lip gloss person?

Tell us about your best personality trait!

Which of these tattoos would you want for yourself?

What's something about your hair that you wish you could change?

If you made over $200 million per year, how would you spend it?

How would you paint your nails for the Grammy Awards?

Which of these Taylor Swift songs describes your outlook on life?

How enthusiastic are you about hair and makeup?

Do you like to attend any music festivals throughout the year?

Which of these outfits would you wear to a concert?

How many relationships have you been in over the past three years?

What's the current size of your social circle squad?

Has your sense of style changed over the past few years?

Do you prefer natural or bright hair colors?

How often do you style your hair?

Which of these beauty salons would you go to with some friends?

Have you ever written a song about your life?

Would you describe your personality as more shy or outgoing?

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Image: Wiki Commons by Eva Rinaldi

About This Quiz

Celebrities may have money, fame and glamorous clothes, but they're really just like us. They experiment with different haircuts, hairstyles and colors. And you don't have to meet with a celebrity hairstylist to do the same because you can get similar hairstyles at your average beauty salon. Today, we're turning our attention to an iconic celebrity that has shown us how versatile hair can really be. That's right ... we're talking about Taylor Swift!

She may be known for her music, ex-boyfriends and her girl squad, but Taylor Swift is also memorable for her fashion, makeup and hair looks. She was initially known for her curly hair, but over the years, she has worn many types of classic hairstyles. This includes an elegant updo, side ponytail and blunt bangs with soft waves. Her makeup looks have also drawn attention, as she is best known for her smoky eyes with red lipstick, as well as her "no makeup" makeup looks. So if there's one thing that Taylor Swift taught us about the beauty world, it's to always be yourself through your own unique makeup and fashion looks. Tell us more about how unique you are so we can match you to an iconic Taylor Swift haircut!

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