Quiz: What Truck Best Fits You?
What Truck Best Fits You?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Trucks are pure Americana. They are seen all over America, on work sites, in driveways, on highways pulling boats, and even in airports, carrying gear. Trucks have very similar stats, but they aren't all the same. Each one has its own image, personality, and pedigree.

Owning a truck is like owning a gun, or a dog, or a pair of jeans. When you buy a truck, you aren't getting a family SUV, you're buying into a lifestyle, a kind of world in which comfort takes a back seat to capability, and you wear your strengths on your sleeve. A truck is a statement made in tons of steel or aluminum, four wheels, and a bed. The truck of a workman won't be the same as the truck of a recreational outdoors-man. 

Some trucks focus on luxury, pampering their passengers in yards of leather and dashboards full of touch screens and varnished wood. Other trucks are entirely spartan, giving the driver and passengers little to do except for cranking up the air conditioner, turning on the radio, and hoping the ride isn't too long. How a truck is specified says everything about you.

If you flip this relationship around, then what sort of a person you are should dictate what kind of truck is right for you. Answer this questionnaire, and we'll tell you which truck is the truck you've been waiting for!

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