What Truck Is the Best Match for Your Lifestyle?

Teresa McGlothlin

How often do you hit the gym?

Do you work outdoors?

Do you enjoy going camping?

Where would you prefer to go fishing?

Do you do your own auto maintenance?

Do you know how to drive a manual transmission?

Are you handy around the house?

What kind of music makes you drive faster?

Do you work a lot of long hours?

What kind of boots would you wear on a date?

Do you live in the city or in the country?

Do you have a long commute?

How often do you get fast food?

Would you give your truck a nickname?

Do you read a lot of books?

How would your best friend describe your driving?

Do you have a large family?

Do you shop at a membership club?

Do you get up early or stay up late?

What do your friends like most about you?

Which outdoor event would you rather attend?

What is more important to you in a truck?

Where would you rather go on a road trip?

Could you hack it as a farmer?

Have you ever broken a bone?

Which job would you like to try?

Do you travel abroad a lot?

What scares you the most?

What do you like most about driving a truck?

Which custom feature would you add to a truck?

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Image: Erik Isakson/Blend Images/Gettyimages

About This Quiz

A horse might be a horse, but a truck is far from ordinary. After you tell us how you live your life, what you need from a truck, and which automotive brands you trust the most, we'll know which truck is the perfect truck for your lifestyle. Whether you spend a lot of time off-road or you sit in traffic for hours, we'll tell you which truck you need in your driveway. 

Roar down the road of your life with us, and answer our questions as honestly as you can. While the Nissan Titan might be the truck you think you want, is it the right truck for the things you do most often? Save yourself the hassle of high-pressured dealerships and endless test drives, and find out here instead. 

Would you use your truck for work, or would it barely leave your garage? Once you tell us what you would do with a truck and the features you need to have, the truck that suits your lifestyle best will be clear to us. Will it be the truck you've been dreaming of, or will we make you consider something else? Rev up your brain, and tell us about yourself. Then, we'll let you know!

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