What Type of Cowboy Hat Is Right For You?

Teresa McGlothlin

How do you prefer to have your steak cooked?

What would be your job on a ranch?

What kind of boots do you wear most often?

Do you have any horse riding experience?

What cut of jeans do you prefer?

Which country music singer do you like most?

Where would you wear a cowboy hat?

Would you ever ride a bull?

What kind of truck do you like most?

Do you own a dog?

Would you ever wear chaps?

Would you wear spurs on your boots?

Which John Wayne movie do you like most?

Do you prefer snaps or buttons on your cowboy shirt?

Do you know how to line dance?

Which cowboy state would you like to visit?

What is your favorite part of going camping?

Do you know how to use a lasso?

What animal would you wear on your belt buckle?

Would you rock a pink cowboy shirt?

What would you name your horse?

How big would your your holster be?

Would you ever try bison roast?

What would you have been in the Wild West?

Do you have a big head?

From what would you prefer your cowboy hat be made?

Do you prefer a wide brim hat?

Could you pull off a white cowboy hat?

What kind of watch do you wear?

What kind of horse do you like most?

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About This Quiz

We can't think of anything more embarrassing than wearing the wrong cowboy hat. Whether you are hitting the riding trail or you are posing for family portraits, your cowboy hat must match both your personality and your head shape. Ill-fitting cowboy hats are for amateurs, and that is simply not the impression you want to give around the ranch.

As we gallop through this quiz, we are going to reach deep inside you and find your inner cowboy. Whether you end up rocking the Cattleman or the Tom Mix, shouldn't be left up to the hat you like the most. You must find the hat that will set off your features and stay on your head during this windy nights on the range.

You might or might not own a set of chaps, but it's not necessary for learning what type of cowboy hat you should wear. The hat you should wear will come down to the hat that matches you and your everyday life. There's a lot of them out there, but we will make your shopping trip easier once you answer our questions.

Which cowboy hat will make you want to get on the horse? Tell us all about yourself, and we will reveal it. Giddy up!

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