What Type of Dragon Is Your Guardian?

Zoe Samuel

What's your professional field of expertise?

What industry are you a part of?

What is the origin of your moral code?

How much of your life is lived online?

How much of your life is driven by the acquisition of wealth?

How often do you feel adrift?

Do you often feel like a person out of their time?

Do you spend more time looking to the future or the past?

What did you feel was missing in your youth?

Do you spend a lot of late nights on the phone with family?

What's your favorite RPG?

What historical leader do you admire most?

What figure from literature do you think of as a role model?

Where do you typically go to relax?

What's your dream job?

Given the opportunity, would you steal a sack of cash if you could get away with it?

To what sort of charity would you donate money?

Where would you build your dream vacation home?

What kind of exotic pet would you like?

What sport do you follow?

How many really close friends do you have?

What activity do you like to do when you're alone, to get your head straight?

How much time do you spend at the office?

Where did you grow up?

How would you describe your adolescent experience?

What kind of show would you want to see in Las Vegas?

How long have you been in your current relationship?

What is your favorite kind of movie?

What is your worst reasonable fear?

How hard are you willing to work to get where you want to be?

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About This Quiz

The dragon as a mystical creature has many different meanings, each entirely dependent on the culture in question. For much of the west, dragons symbolize all the appetites of human beings taken to their ultimate extremes: greed so great the dragon amasses a treasure it cannot spend, lust so great it captures maidens it cannot be with, gluttony so great it will eat everything until nothing is left and it dies. Other times, especially more recently, western dragons have been seen as a sort of mascot for the misunderstood. These dragons are powerful and capable of terrible destruction, but they are not evil, and it is the dragon-slayers who are the evildoers.

In much of the east, this whole worldview would be considered very alien. In China, for example, dragons are benevolent creatures, symbolic of luck, dynamism and power. To be born in the year of the dragon is considered lucky, and in fact, the belief that so-called dragons do better in life is borne out by statistics around grades and employment, although there are questions about causation and correlation that still need answering.

So who watches over you? Who keeps an eye out for when things are hard and you need a little extra luck? What kind of dragon is your guardian? Take this quiz and you will know!

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