What Type of Friends Do You Attract?

Teresa McGlothlin

What do your friends most like to drink?

What are you in your friend group?

Are you older than your friends?

Where would you and your friends go for a long weekend?

Which character from "Friends" are you most like?

What kind of advice would your friends say you give?

What would you do for a sick friend?

What do you like most about your best friend?

Have you dated anyone in your friend group?

Are you a high- or low-maintenance friend?

Do you work with any of your friends?

What do you and your friends talk about at dinner?

How often do you see your friends?

How do you and your friends communicate most?

Are you still in touch with your friends from high school?

If your friends were a group of animals, what would you be?

Did you go to college with any of your friends?

What do you think your friends like most about you?

Which award would your friends likely give you?

What kind of sports team would you and your friends play on?

Are your roommates your friends?

Have you been a member of a friend's wedding party?

What gift might you give to a friend?

What's your most dominant personality trait?

What kind of restaurant would your friends take you to for your birthday?

Which store would you and your friends shop on Black Friday?

Do you ever get into arguments with your friends?

What high school group would you and your friends have belonged in?

Can your friends call you for anything?

Where do you see your friends in 10 years?

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About This Quiz

While each of your friends most certainly has their own set of traits, there's something they all have in common - you! After we learn about the way you are together and about your ideas of friendship, we think that type of friends you attract will be clear. Are they the outgoing type, or are they the type you have to pull out of their shells? 

As we chat and question our way through this quiz, we will try to learn about the things you and your friends enjoy. We might even ask you to describe your place in the group and your friends' various traits. The things you tell us about your best friends and about yourself will tell us the most dominant quality that all your friends seem to share. 

Whether you are the parent or the baby of your circle, the attraction that your friends have to you is based upon something. Once we hear what you really think of the people around you, we'll know exactly what sort of people and confidants are attracted to you and your sparkling personality. 

Will we be able to read your friends as well as you do? Let's see if we can get it right!

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