Quiz: What Type of Guy Do You Find Most Attractive?
What Type of Guy Do You Find Most Attractive?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Whether it's the sensitive, bearded hipster type or the muscle-bound, fitness type, everyone has a particular kind of man they find most attractive. Though we can't always predict who we might find ourselves drawn to, knowing the specific type that gets your wheels turning is a great way to meet or keep the one for you. Then, you'll never have to settle for something less than perfect for you! 

Are you the type that finds intelligence more sexy than confidence? Or is it the other way around for you? By examining your preferences, your quirks, and the things you expect in a relationship, we'll be able to describe the type of guy you find irresistible accurately. With some guys, you know you're attracted to them immediately. With others, you have to take your time to realize how drawn you are to them. This quiz is designed to help you eliminate that problem!

Get your little black dress out of the closet, and pour yourself a glass of Moscato. We promise not to tell a soul - not even your best friend - how you respond to these questions. We will, however, make it very clear which type of guy you should make a bee line for at the bar! 

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