Quiz: What type of guy is drawn to you?
What type of guy is drawn to you?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Ugh, men! They can be as adorable as they are frustrating! They lead us along, give us mixed signals and are sometimes afraid to commit. Women don't want much (just love, affection, attention, loyalty, honesty, adventure, commitment, washboard abs and a few other things). And what we want to know most right now is what kind of guys we attract!

Are the sweethearts looking your way? The ones who will do just about anything for you and treat you like the goddess you are? Do you attract the funny guys; the ones who love to laugh and will have you cracking up as well? What about the big shots? They'll have you living in the lap of luxury, but that, of course, comes with a cost (most times). Or are you attracting the manly men? The ones who think "me Tarzan, you Jane." Oh, they're fun if you love testosterone, but not so much if you're a fierce, independent woman.

So, if they have been giving you a hard time and you're really struggling to find out just who your secret admirers are, take this quiz! We'll narrow it down for you so well these guys won't stand a chance!

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