What Type of Mom Are You Going to Be in the Future?

Zoe Samuel

At what age should kids get a cellphone?

Should they have a TV in their room?

How should they address other adults?

Will you go to all their shows and events?

What will you make for dinner on a normal night?

At what age will they learn to make their bed?

Will you make sure they do their homework?

At what age will you stop telling them what time to go to bed?

Will they be allowed to date under your roof?

What type of punishment is never acceptable?

What type of punishment is the most effective?

Will you visit colleges with them?

Will you know all their friends' contact details?

At what age can they have alcohol?

At what age will they get an allowance?

When will you let them drive your car?

At what age will you stop controlling what media they see?

Will you make them attend a weekly religious service?

How many kids do you want?

Will you stay home when your kids are little?

If they're being bullied, will you step in?

Will they make their own way home from school?

How often will you read with them?

Will you set a lot of rules for other adults who look after them?

Will you expect their father to do half?

Will you try not to curse in front of them?

Will they have to hug or kiss a person they do not want to hug or kiss, such as a visiting relative?

Will you get involved at their school?

Do you think a little neglect can be a good thing?

How often will you tell them you love them?

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About This Quiz

There are as many ways to be a mother as there are mothers - and whatever kind you are, you can be darn sure of one thing. Whatever you do, someone - indeed, quite possibly everyone - is going to tell you that you are doing it wrong. If you spend lots of time with your children and go to all their events, you're an overbearing busybody living vicariously through them. If you let them be more independent, you are selfish and don't care about anyone but yourself. If you keep them close under your eye, you're a cotton-wool-swaddling hypochondriac. If you let them range free, you're a neglectful, naive fool who is just asking for a predator to make off with them during the night.

Yep, motherhood is a minefield... but only because nosy people make it one. The truth is that most moms are doing their best, and most kids know that. A lot of the stuff we sweat over - like how much TV to watch or whether they ate their broccoli - will come out in the wash. That means how you parent should, ideally, be a choice you make based on your personality, your child's personality, and the father (or other primary caregiver's) personality, all taking into account your resources and circumstances. Whatever comes out the other side, as long as it's not violent or literally forgetting to feed the kids, is probably just fine. Let's see where you land on the mom scale!

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