What Type of Guy Matches Your Soul?

Isadora Teich

Where would you rather go on a first date?

Which kind of restaurant appeals to you most?

You see somebody trying to pickpocket someone else in public. What do you do?

Pick a rockstar.

What is the biggest deal breaker for you when it comes to dating?

Which American city would you rather visit?

What kind of movie do you like best?

Which element appeals to you most?

How do you like your eggs?

How important is it to you that your partner appears on social media with you?

Do you want kids?

What color bedroom would you rather have?

Do you fall in love fast?

Is it important to you that your partner dress well?

Who are you closest to in your family?

Which country would you rather visit?

What do you invest more time into?

Which of these do you value most in a partner?

Where would you rather live?

Which pet would you rather have?

Which do you get more regularly?

Has your taste in men changed over time?

How do you feel about online dating?

Which kind of wedding appeals to you most?

Pick a cake.

Of these US States, which appeals to you most?

When do you prefer to wake up?

In your closet, what colors are most common?

Which of these is one of your pet peeves?

Which luxury item would you rather own?

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Image: Uwe Krejci / DigitalVision / Getty Images

About This Quiz

We come across a lot of people day in and day out. Some we see regularly and others we may only bump into once over the course of our whole lives. Whether you are a fan of online dating or in-person meetings only, everybody wonders who will suit them most on a level that goes far beyond looks and taste in movies and music. There are many levels of attraction and all sorts of ways that people can get along. However, true chemistry only happens when there is a real soul connection. 

When two souls match, the magic really happens. People who are compatible on a soul level develop a powerful connection. Sometimes they can even click for life. You never know just who you might meet and what kind of connections you will form out in the world. After all, everyone wants to make all kinds of important connections. Whether that's just finding friends or finding partners for life, we all want that soul connection.  

Take this quiz and find out what type of guy makes the most sense for you on a soul level! Let's get romantic! 

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