Quiz: What Type of Partner Are You in a Relationship?
What Type of Partner Are You in a Relationship?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: SHutterstock

About This Quiz

When it comes to relationships, no two partners are the same. No matter what sort of relationship you have, you have, undoubtedly, taken on a role. You might be the cheerleader or the organizer. You could be known as the wild one or the one with the heart of gold. No matter how you approach your relationships, we're going to let you know exactly what kind of partner you always end up being. 

The most wonderful thing about relationships is finding a balance of personalities. While you might take on one role, you partner will surely counter with a role that supports you and enhances your lives. Together, the two of you make a complete whole, but what type of partner would you define yourself as? Are you the clingy type or are you the type that lets you partner run wild, because you know they will be home eventually? No matter your relationship partner style, we're interested in finding out with you. 

Tell us about the way you respond to your partner's needs, and we'll be able to decipher what role you play. Your truest responses will get the most accurate result! Ready to see yourself the way your partner sees you?

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