What Type of People Are Attracted to You?

Steven Miller

What kind of grades did you get in school?

Which Friday night activity sounds most appealing to you?

How much reading do you do?

Do you wear glasses?

What's the highest level of education you've achieved?

Do you listen to NPR?

How big is your circle of friends?

Which high school clique would you best fit into?

Do you play any sports?

When was the last time you went to the gym?

Do you own a bike? If so, what kind?

Which apparel fits your style the best?

Do you do yoga?

What kind of shape would you say you're in?

If you had to pick, which sport would you buy season tickets to?

Would you consider yourself to be a creative type?

Which description best fits how you pay the bills?

Do you play any instruments?

How organized are you?

Which colors are most commonly found in your wardrobe?

When you have a tough decision in front of you, which do you trust the most?

Which famous large spectacle would you rather attend?

Do you write poetry?

How much difficulty have you had to overcome in your life?

Which best describes your sense of humor?

Would you consider yourself to be a healer?

If you come across a homeless person begging for money, how do you usually react?

Which career path sounds the most appealing to you?

Which movie genre are you most likely to watch?

Where would you rather go on a first date?

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About This Quiz

We all put out a vibe into the world. Through the choices we make and the things we enjoy doing, we send out a signal to those who are drawn to those same things. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, everything from the clothes we wear, the music we listen to and our preferred Friday night activities contribute to this message. All of these inclinations are making a statement to those around you about what you value and who you truly are.

Are you drawn to intellectual pursuits? Would you rather attend a lecture on a topic you are interested in than go out to a bar? Do you listen to NPR on a regular basis? If you answered yes to these questions, there's a good chance that you are an intellectual type who is attracting others like you. While some may consider being a nerd or a geek to be a put-down, those more mentally evolved see it as a great compliment and sexy as can be.

Maybe you're more interested in athletic activities. If you're at the gym on a regular basis, have a wardrobe that consists of mostly workout and athletic apparel, and you would rather catch a game than go to the theater, you're likely attracting jocks like you or those who are drawn to fit and competitive types.

There are plenty more types out there. Let's grab a cup of coffee and see where this thing goes.

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