Quiz: What Type of People Are You Attracted To?
What Type of People Are You Attracted To?
By: Khadija Leon
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About This Quiz

When we decide who to date, we have specific criteria or checklist of traits in mind we hope that the persons possess. Some of the characteristics are a bit more important than others, and those are the things that make up your "type."

While some people go for the bad boys/ girls, others go for sweet and caring, and others go for adventurous types who can take them on the ride of their life. Even when what you prefer may not necessarily be what is best for you at a specific point in your life, there is a certain sense of comfort that one feels when choosing what they already know as opposed to trying something new. 

Do you know what your type is and why you keep going back to them?  Will it be the intellectuals who are great conversationalists? Will it be the artistic types who can keep you on your toes? Will it be the sporty types who know how to talk game, or will it be the socialites who always know where and when the best parties are? The only way to find out which of these it is is to take this quiz!

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