Quiz: What Type of Relationship Should You Be In?
What Type of Relationship Should You Be In?
By: Khadija Leon
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About This Quiz

Love is just one of the many emotions that us humans crave, and while most of us have family and friends who make us feel wanted, having a romantic relationship with someone is an entirely different feeling altogether. While many people have a "list" of things that they would like in a partner, is it really what they need?

We've seen relationships in movies, on television and in our own families and many of them have set the tone of what we should expect when getting into a relationship. But the reality is, that what we want and what we need can be two completely different things. Another thing to take into consideration is the place in your life that you are currently at. Are you really ready to settle down or do you want to go out partying every weekend?

What kind of relationship should you be in? Are you more suited to having a casual fling, a committed partner, a long distance relationship or should you take some time out of the dating world and get to know yourself? The only way to find out the best relationship for you is to take this quiz!

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