Quiz: What Type of Smart Are You Really?
What Type of Smart Are You Really?
By: Brian W
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About This Quiz

There is no doubt that you are smart. You know it, and all of the people you hang around with know it, at least if they are smart themselves. But still, you are smarter in some ways then everyone is. 

You could be a person that is a world class philosopher, who has all the answers when it comes to the world's problems and why people do things the way they do, but that couldn't figure out how to put together a desk from Ikea. Or you could be the type of person that was a world-class architect or someone that designs cars, who can't put together a decent sentence to describe their work to save their life.

So basically what we are saying is, you need to figure out the ways that you are smart and embrace it and tell everyone that you know. Maybe even change careers, or at the very least brag about it to your friends. Are you the type of person that is smart with logic and math? 

Are you good with design and spatial concepts? Are you good with people and understand their wants and needs? Or maybe you are good with words and language and how to express yourself?

If you're smart, you will take this quiz to find out. 

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